Fear of Cages

by Rena Surrenders

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released June 13, 2014



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Rena Surrenders

New record "Fear of Cages" out now.

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Track Name: Cages
Our feet hit the pedal, the B-12 hits our lungs
We feel the warmth of the sun mingle with the heat of the AC on
Lacking the apricity but no one minds it artificially

These cubicles emit nidorous smells
And it's evident
By the sweat stains seeping through all of the Shantel
Burning our mouths from the coffee we drink
We haven't tasted for weeks, we're too sick to eat

We count down the days til death how many more til I taste the nectar?
Feel God's breath down the nape of my neck
Track Name: Disgorge
It came upon me like a black dream
This is the only way we know how to breathe
Cut out their teeth
Grind it up for me
Bring it close and inhale deep

Chemical overdose
Inebriated fornication and fetal comatose

It came upon me like a black dream
This is the only way we know how to breathe
Cut out their teeth
Grind it up for me
Bring it close and inhale deep

Let the Stolichnaya saturate your skin

Dust your hands
Scratch right though your skin
Watch the lights spin

Mom couldn't buy you a passion but at least you're an Ivy League coke fiend
Track Name: Affair of the Poisons
From the ellipsoidal to the police lights,
from the theater gallery to the wanted frame,
the lust was all the same.
I'd have been the ambulette to your ambulance.
Sainte-Croix and La Voisin in L'affaire des poisons
Pitiless eyes staring into mine.
Your hair was long and auburn my heart was longing for Avern.
Do you remember when we were Nephilem?
Swallowed the vervain followed by a dirge on her grave.
Seized by a contortment under a hasted moon's dilation of wax and wane.
Track Name: Craven and Malvolia's Theme
How wretched it is romance like this
Bound by the hemomancer's kiss

Forked whispers in tongue
Besotted by baleful song

Carouse in the mother, father and brood
Sleep in their homes and wear their carcanets and jewels

The vomit stains and sours the pew
They lay sated under red moons
Track Name: Casimir's Theme
I sold my past life,
Six quarts was the price to live a life of lore
And spend the rest of days with a face I adore

Bloodied teeth and empty streets
We walk these roads as romantic vagabonds
Just east coast ghosts

Blood dripping from her face in an intoxicated state
And every night we do the same
These resolutions are transient

We don't want your money we're only after your blood
The anxiety from a life on the run
Friends and family we've stolen
Track Name: Tristram's Theme
Album: Fear Of Cages

The body I once loved
rapined and dethrifted
by the drabs and penury bums

Digestive fluid vapors singed my eyes and nose
Watching the vultures my mouth foamed

Flowers grew from orifices
lapping this orchard like ornaments,
from leg and breast, flourishing across the breadth

Watching the vermin, sickened by my repose
I watched the decomposition by every layer of skin and bone

Non omnis moriar
And it's a hex
Cursed by a coxcomb and his meretrix
Mortem est engurgeto
Because death is but a door
I hope you won't be awaiting me too long
Track Name: Sanguine
Amphetamenic powder fills your nasal cavity and lungs
Everything was pulchritude in these vespertine car rides
Amphetamenic powder fills your nasal cavity and lungs
Euphoric extahziz hastens the blood
Sanguine was the sunset and the veins in your eyes
Your child in the back seat cries
Track Name: Palmiped Prince
All turned caseos and caliginous
As fingernails were swept from cuticles and hair from skin
Teeth rattling from their sockets like pebbles on tin

Placenta and fetus particles rained

Perhaps we were his mistake
The outcome of a cervic cap break
And cast out from the welkin
Atop this morbific pile of children
Track Name: Lucretia
Unchaste masquerade
These promiscuous girls with bloodied faces
In my dream last night they were smiling wide

It haunts me bad
It haunts me, it fucking haunts me

I don't wanna feel a love unfolding
Trepidation, fear is foreboding.

If there was a chance I'd fall for her someday
I'd tear up her face to erase the attraction
A lesser risk for attachment
I'd tear up her face, swallow the remains